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Updated - October 2019

Registration Q&A

Q: How do I register to play RBGSL softball?

You may register online and pay by credit card. Players new to the RBGSL are required provide a copy of their birth certificate. Registration takes place from November through early January for the Spring season - other seasons have other registration dates as announced. The Registration page of our website will carry details concerning the registration process as well as the forms required to be completed. If you have difficulty with this process, please email our Registrar, Lindsay Huey, at [email protected].

Q: What if my daughter hasn’t played before?

No problem! That’s what our recreation league is all about—learning to play. The RBGSL spring recreation season is open to all girls, regardless of experience. The season is designed to be instructional, challenging, and fun! All age levels, every year, we have players that are new to fast pitch softball—even within 12-and-under (12U) and 14-and-under (14U) age groups. Each year the teams are created from scratch using a skills assessment and drafting system aimed at balancing the teams in abilities. Every team has a mix of new players and experienced ones.

Q: Can players live outside of Rancho Bernardo and still play in the RBGSL?

Yes, absolutely. There are no geographical restrictions to playing in the RBGSL. You may live anywhere and still be eligible to play in our league.

Q: What division will my daughter be in?

The USA Softball association, with which the RBGSL is affiliated, determines “league age.” The age of the girl on the 31st of December prior to the season for which she is registering determines her age for that season of play. Sometimes folks get confused and think it is related to grade in school, but it is not.

Q: What if my daughter drops out after I have already registered?

Can I get a refund? You may receive a full refund prior to uniforms being ordered and a partial refund up until practices begin. No refunds will be made after that date.

Q: I have read all the registration Q & As from this FAQ page, but I still have questions or concerns. What should I do?

We don’t want your child to miss out, so please contact our Registrar, with any registration questions you might have - [email protected].

Team Forming Q&A

Q: Can my daughter play on her friend’s team?

In Tee Ball, we generally can accommodate special requests for putting girls on their friend's team.

In Rookies through Division III (ages 7 and up) we cannot guarantee any two girls will be drafted by the same team. RBGSL strives very hard to balance the teams competitively so all players can grow and be challenged—we want to avoid one or two teams dominating the others. To achieve this, we have a skills assessment in January, where the managers see the girls go through throwing, hitting, fielding, and running drills. Afterwards, the managers hold a draft meeting where players are selected to form teams.

Q: When are the skill assessments?

You will be alerted of the assessment date during the registration process as well as by email prior to the date. There is no skill assessment required for the Tee Ball division.

Coaching / Volunteering Q&A

Q: I might be interested in Head or Assistant coaching, but I’ve never coached before, or I’m not very experienced at softball. Is this a problem?

No problem! If you have patience, integrity, love kids, and want to help the community, those are the qualifications we’re looking for! We can teach you how to organize a practice and how to instruct softball skills. That’s the easy stuff. Please contact the appropriate Division Representative above to learn more about applying for a coaching opportunity.

Q: Does RBGSL offer player and coaching instruction?

Yes! We offer a number of clinics and instructional classes for both players and coaches. Some are free of charge, while others require a modest fee to offset costs. Coaches are required to attend a clinic before the season starts, and have the option of attending an ASA sponsored clinic as well.

Players have a number of softball skills clinics available, including pitching, hitting, and fielding clinics. 

Q: How can I help? What volunteer positions are still needed to help out teams?

Our league is made up entirely of volunteers and we could use as much help as you are willing to lend. At the first team meeting, your manager will be asking for volunteers to help as “Team Parent”, scorekeeper (for Division I through Division III) and other duties as needed. Please step forward and help out. All families on all teams will have a time during the season where they will help on a 2 hour shift at the snack bar per player. At least one member of a family is expected to participate, but sometimes whole families choose to run a shift!

Q: What does a Team Parent do?

The team parent is the liaison between the manager and the other parents. The Team Parent helps with the distribution and coordination of uniforms when they arrive and coordinates the making of the team banner. The Team Parent also makes scheduling arrangements for parents to take turns bringing post-game refreshments. In addition, the manager may make other requests, such as asking the Team Parent to make phone calls to remind players of practice times, etc.

Q: How else can I help?

Show your support by attending as many games as possible and by helping out during practices, if you can. Keep in mind that these are young children out on the field and they need lots of encouragement. Don't yell at them when they make a mistake; they will feel bad enough already! Be positive!

We appreciate and welcome criticism of a constructive nature. But keep in mind that there are many different ways of doing things; don't criticize a manager or coach simply for doing things differently than you would. If you have a legitimate complaint or suggestion, we do want to hear from you.

The only way to make things get done your way is to do them yourself, i.e., become a coach. Every year we need coaches. This is a fun and rewarding experience. Coaching takes time, but it is time spent that can have a significant impact on the lives of a number of young people. We require that all of our coaches attend a RBGSL coaching clinic. If you are interested in coaching let us know right away.

If you are interested in helping even more, and can invest a little more time and want to have more responsibility, we have a way! Our league is run by a small, hard-working group of volunteers. Every year we need new members for the board of directors. If you are interested, talk to one of the current board members.

Equipment / Uniform Q&A

Q: What equipment should my daughter have?

The players need to provide their own glove and softball cleats. Personal bats, helmets, and balls are optional; league bats, helmets, and balls are provided to each team by RBGSL. If you do choose to buy your child equipment please familiarize yourself with the information on the Equipment page of our site.

As part of your registration fee, the league provides the uniform jersey and socks, and the girls may keep these items.

Q: Do I get to keep my uniform?

Yes. And, if we do say so ourselves, RBGSL uniforms are especially attractive and are not the plain t-shirt type. You’ll be stylin’.

Sponsorship / Miscellaneous Q&A

Q: I am interested in becoming a league sponsor. What should I do?

As a non-profit organization, the RBGSL depends greatly on the generous contributions of sponsors. We have a number of sponsorship programs and benefits, and you will find them by selecting Sponsors from the main menu. If you are ready to sign up as a sponsor or if you have additional sponsorship questions, please see the Sponsors page on our site. RBGSL sponsorship is great for the girls, great for the league, and provides our businesses valuable community recognition and visibility throughout the year. This is true not only for the recreational seasons, but also for the RB Grand Slam Summer Jam tournament.

Q: Who do I call if I have problems with my manager, coach, uniform, umpire, etc.?

We encourage you to talk to your team manager first. Communication is very important! They should pass the issue on to the Division Representative, who will communicate with the rest of the board, if necessary. If you feel you cannot talk with the team manager, or if you do not achieve satisfaction by that route, then please contact the RBGSL Player Agent, Lindsay Huey, at [email protected] or you may contact any board member to forward the problem to the appropriate party.

Q: Can I attend RBGSL board meetings, if I am not on the board, and where and when are these meetings?

Absolutely. Anyone is welcome to attend whether it is just to see how the board operates or to bring a specific topic before the board. If you have a topic to raise, although not a requirement, it would be greatly appreciated if you contacted the board president, vice president, and player agent in advance so that an agenda topic can be added and appropriate meeting time allocated.



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